Southern California’s Top
Podiatry Specialists & Surgeons
Delivering the highest quality care at the most cost-effective & minimally invasive solutions
We are a team of Foot & Ankle Specialists,
Surgeons, and Wound Care Experts
Treating the most common foot issues to performing complex reconstructive surgeries
Over 20 Years of Medical Excellence

Welcome to New Hope Podiatry Group

New Hope Podiatry Group has been serving Southern California for over 20 years. With a team Foot and Ankle Specialists, Surgeons and Wound Care Experts.

We have over 10 Years Experience with Workman’s Compensation and Personal Injury cases. We treat the most common foot issues to performing complex reconstructive surgeries.

Are you suffering from any of these pains or symptoms?

  • check-mark-1Radiating pain in the leg to the toes
  • check-mark-1Burning sensations in the leg, foot, and toes
  • check-mark-1Cold sensation in the leg
  • check-mark-1Electrical pain in the leg, foot, and toes
  • check-mark-1Tightness in the leg, feeling that the leg wants to explode
  • check-mark-1Tingling sensations in the leg and foot
  • check-mark-1Sensations like something is crawling on your leg and foot
  • check-mark-1Weakness in the lower leg
  • check-mark-1Drop foot with a weakness that causes the foot to drop and drag
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